Daylight Savings Time

Ok, another soap box and I am expressing this because of all the problems changing status causes.

Recently the Indiana governor pushed though legislation to move the state of Indiana from EST only (no changing clocks all year) to include daylight savings time. My first thought on this is why he spent so much energy to do this which was quite a bit? While state budgets needed to fixed (now we are spending more money dealing with the time change) , educational system has major problems, state is one of the lowest in amount of technology companies (corn grows well but other businesses are lacking), etc.

Now, two counties that are adjacent and each contain large communities are being asked to be on two different time zones. More time and money spend debating this one.

Why change time zone?

  • So that kids do not have to stand in the dark while waiting for the school bus? – from my figuring this is a bad reason because if Indiana goes to CT to accommodate this the lights at the stadium for the baseball games will have to be turned on early.
  • So they do not have to turn on the lights so early at the baseball games to save electricity? – from my figuring this is a bad reason because if Indiana goes to ET to accommodate this, kids are going to still stand in the dark to catch the bus.
  • Business operation? – who is preventing businesses from operating from 7-4 or 9-6 depending on what time zone they want to operate? Why not keep the office open from 7-6 then those in CT and those in ET do not have to figure out which time zone the business is in and if it it is time for daylight saving or not. And they can do business with international businesses that do not change time zones. Too easy.

Ok, so you now know where I stand on this. I do not think this change will accomplish the excuses used to do it and it is causing a lot of time and money by the local, state, and federal governments to be diverted from dealing with more important issues.

What do you think?


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I am Allan and I live in the midwest.

3 thoughts on “Daylight Savings Time”

  1. I am with you, I think time change is a bad idea because I now have to change my clock and Indiana is no longer the center of the universe where time stood still and changed all around us!

    Plus I will potientally live in one time zone and travel to another to work in (30 miles).

  2. And yes, Indian is the center of the Universe, or at least one of the two centers of the country, AZ being the other and is also a cool place to live.

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