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The Flag of the United States is to be respected and it has been a shame that many United States citizens do not know their responsibility to their nation.  So I did some research and there was an athlete in 1908 who knew how to respect his country and flag!  His name was Martin J. Sheridan and was the flag bearer of the American team at the Olympics.

The countries were asked to dip their flat to King Edward VII and Martin refused, later stating “this flag dips to no earthly king”.  He was an American, proud of his country and flag.  But note, his statement “no earthly king”.  He must have known that there is a King to whom his flag (and country) will have to bow down.  Someone that deserved greater respect.  See Psalms 22:27, Psalms 72:11, Psalm 95:6, Isaiah 66:23.

If only Americans still had this respect, I believe we could do great things as a country.

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I am Allan and I live in the midwest.

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  1. In Intro to American Politics (college), we learned that the Boy Scouts (and perhaps other organizations) burn the flag out of a sign of respect were it to get dirty/touch the ground.

    Apparently, this is used as one of the “reasons,” (excuses, really) for the law on the books that permits flag-burning. Isn’t that a shame? I hate how, in the name of “free speech,” we throw away sacred and respectful behaviors and simply let everything go…(see, I’m not _all that liberal!) 🙂

  2. I think that the American Legion does much of the flag burning just a few times a year in a repectable manner.

    Also, the need to burn the flag if it touches the ground is false and even if it gets dirty. Burning is used when the flag is unusable (tattered, stained,etc). People who carelessly let the flag touch the ground, have no right to be handling the flag.

    Thanks for your comments.

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