Been Busy

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have been very busy.

Along with VAST Power Systems, I have been involved in:

  1. Music City Coffee Co. – this is a coffee shop that I own.  The web site is still under much construction (so don’t look too hard yet).  And, by the way, I am trying to sell it.
  2. Hazara Traditions – a recent, more volunteer, work distributing very high quality Persian carpets made by the Hazara people.  Yes, these are the same people from The Kite Runner book and movie.  Most of the proceeds go directly to the workers.
  3. Wise Fox IP – this is my latest endeavour to drum up some further income and create more variety into my life (like I really need it).  Basically, a friend and I are working together to help people improve their intellectual property stand (read Patents).

Hopefully, we can sell the coffee shop so that I can focus on other tasks.

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I am Allan and I live in the midwest.

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