Pakistan Earthquake

What crazy news we have in these days. The most recent being the earthquake in Pakistan.

Listening to the news this weekend, it was interesting to hear of the focus on the apartment complex in Islamabad, Pakistan. This is very sad that this happened. I have walked by those apartments and seen these people. It is amazing, however, that this is the only apartment building that was destroyed. With the poor construction ethics used in most buildings in Pakistan, this is a miricle to be the only one since there were two others just adjacent to this building and many others throughout the city.

However, this is minor compared to the devistation nearer to the quack. I am sure a lot can be said about poor contruction but the lost of life is huge.

This makes me think. Could this happen to me and my family? What about the pain if I were the only survivor? What would I do, holding my wife or one of my dear children in my arms as they died? How could I have changed things? Oh, to see them again! If it were my family I would see them again!

Only by the grace on almighty God, I would see them again. I know for sure that when I die I will see my Savior in Heaven and that my family will/would be there too.

What would happen if you were in a disaster like this?

I do not want to scare you but it is scary when you think about the future. Please consider taking a look at Answers.

Please pray for these people that they too will hear the Answers as many that know this truth are working to help them.

Finally, here is a page with a few pictures of the Islamabad apartment building taken during the night without a flash!

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  1. Just a little update on this. There has been 3 earthquakes since, including the above and 67 aftershocks, a large percentage between 4 and 5.5

  2. I do have more details by way of BCC on a “letter of intent”. This project should be officially approved today though I did not hear of the approval and they are heading to bed in Pakistan now. So we will see.

    They would need around 60 people spread over three months.

    I am planning on going. Not sure when yet but it would be for no more than three weeks straight. Maybe I could do this twice? But Joyce will not let me be away for much more than 3 weeks at a time.

    It looks like travel and other expense are covered but no pay.

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