Internet Radio Station

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A few weeks ago I came across this radio station as I was looking for something good to listen too.

OneJesus is real fun streaming audio site that is genre free. At the site you can suggest songs that you want to hear and usually play within 30 minutes. But now that the world is reading this blog the wait may be longer (ha).

There are several options for connecting to the audio with winamp, realplayer, windowz media player, etc on the left side.

Enjoy and be sure to tell “Mercy” thank you for the station.

Can’t wait to get my sound system set up in my office and connect my amp to my computer.

Sueing Strawberries?

Saw a good one again today (I have known about this for a few years but now it is in court). Trademarking a scent of strawberries!

The European Court of First Instance yesterday dismissed an attempt to register a trade mark for the smell of ripe strawberries, on the grounds that there is no “generally accepted international classification of smells” that would identify the mark.

Laboratoires France Parfum, recently bought by Paris-based Eden SARL, was attemping to “protect” this smell and use it in a long list of products.

My question is, “How are they going to sue the strawberries that have the same scent?” The strawberries must have some resources that they know about?

And I am sure that others have already scented products with a berry good smell which I think would cause problems with Laboratoires France Parfum trying to protect it even if their scent is trademarked which I think is next to impossible.

What else could we trademark?


Daylight Savings Time

Ok, another soap box and I am expressing this because of all the problems changing status causes.

Recently the Indiana governor pushed though legislation to move the state of Indiana from EST only (no changing clocks all year) to include daylight savings time. My first thought on this is why he spent so much energy to do this which was quite a bit? While state budgets needed to fixed (now we are spending more money dealing with the time change) , educational system has major problems, state is one of the lowest in amount of technology companies (corn grows well but other businesses are lacking), etc.

Now, two counties that are adjacent and each contain large communities are being asked to be on two different time zones. More time and money spend debating this one.

Why change time zone?

  • So that kids do not have to stand in the dark while waiting for the school bus? – from my figuring this is a bad reason because if Indiana goes to CT to accommodate this the lights at the stadium for the baseball games will have to be turned on early.
  • So they do not have to turn on the lights so early at the baseball games to save electricity? – from my figuring this is a bad reason because if Indiana goes to ET to accommodate this, kids are going to still stand in the dark to catch the bus.
  • Business operation? – who is preventing businesses from operating from 7-4 or 9-6 depending on what time zone they want to operate? Why not keep the office open from 7-6 then those in CT and those in ET do not have to figure out which time zone the business is in and if it it is time for daylight saving or not. And they can do business with international businesses that do not change time zones. Too easy.

Ok, so you now know where I stand on this. I do not think this change will accomplish the excuses used to do it and it is causing a lot of time and money by the local, state, and federal governments to be diverted from dealing with more important issues.

What do you think?



Ok, they are gone! As some of you may have noticed, the header graphic had a couple of cats in the queue rotation. They are finally gone, no more smell, no more attitude, no more taking my space and sleeping on my web page 😉 However, there may be a few more rodents, birds, frogs, and toads hanging around.

Also watch for pictures of our latest trip out west. They should be coming soon.


Pakistan Earthquake

What crazy news we have in these days. The most recent being the earthquake in Pakistan.

Listening to the news this weekend, it was interesting to hear of the focus on the apartment complex in Islamabad, Pakistan. This is very sad that this happened. I have walked by those apartments and seen these people. It is amazing, however, that this is the only apartment building that was destroyed. With the poor construction ethics used in most buildings in Pakistan, this is a miricle to be the only one since there were two others just adjacent to this building and many others throughout the city.

However, this is minor compared to the devistation nearer to the quack. I am sure a lot can be said about poor contruction but the lost of life is huge.

This makes me think. Could this happen to me and my family? What about the pain if I were the only survivor? What would I do, holding my wife or one of my dear children in my arms as they died? How could I have changed things? Oh, to see them again! If it were my family I would see them again!

Only by the grace on almighty God, I would see them again. I know for sure that when I die I will see my Savior in Heaven and that my family will/would be there too.

What would happen if you were in a disaster like this?

I do not want to scare you but it is scary when you think about the future. Please consider taking a look at Answers.

Please pray for these people that they too will hear the Answers as many that know this truth are working to help them.

Finally, here is a page with a few pictures of the Islamabad apartment building taken during the night without a flash!

Quizzing Competition

Talk about being ready to burst. As the coach of four kindergarten to 2nd graders, I am extreamly pleased with their work in Bible Quizzing on Friday. Two of them, including my son, Mark, consistanly “quizzed out” – getting 5 questions right. And with only 20 questions in a quiz, that left only 10 for the other two team members and the competition to battle over.

Unfortuantely, if you answer three questions wrong, you have to sit out too and Mark, being a little over excited, did that once. However, the rest of the team held on.

The two new comers to the team are my anchors. They did such a great job holding on after the other two quizzed out. Now that they know how quizzing works, they are going to be even better.

To sum up the competition, our team won all four rounds and did it well, even encouraging the other teams as they competed.

To sum up life perspectives: the boys are learning God’s Word! They are hiding it in there hearts and making me look at myself and ask, “Should I be doing the same as they are, spending more time memorizing scripture and studying it?” Well, I better get to listening to those CDs especially the verses.

RSS Feeds and Mozilla Product

This is way cool! The blog software that is used here has RSS feed capabilities and can send out Blog articles and comments separately to your RSS reader. As for RSS readers, there are a ton out there but both Firefox and Thunderbird have an “Extension” called InfoRSS that will scroll the RSS feed along the bottom of the application window in the “Status Bar”. So within a few minutes of posting this article, the headline “RSS Feeds and Mozilla Product” will be scrolling across the bottom of my web browser and then placing the mouse on the title, a box will pop up with the first few lines of this article.

I know that RSS and similar have been around for a while but this intergration and the ease of use has me excited. Even have some stock scrolling and emergency information from my web host. You can do regular news and all sorts of other stuff.

Here is the link to InfoRSS for those that are interested:

– Allan


Wow, what an evening. Four energy packed 6 to 8 year olds and 1 3/4 hour to practice for a Bible quizzing event on Saturday. Even with all the bouncing around, these boys did very well. I am impressed. These guys are going to compete against two other teams their age and then two teams of 2nd and 3rd graders and I think they may beat them all 🙂 But more importantly, they are learning God’s Word. More later.

  • I am not ashamed of the Gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes…

New Site

Welcome to my new blog site. Hopefully I will actually use this and you will comment. You can register and may even get privileges to post an article if you are cool enough 😎

Another thing it that this is a moderated site so some of your comments may not be posted immediately and some maybe not at all 😛

I hope that this will be a fun place to be.