God in a Box

I had an interesting conversation a few weeks ago about how God works in the world and in our lives (thanks Dave for the great discussion). It actually started with a discussion on “stuff”, how we like to collect stuff and collect stuff and collect more stuff. This often, if not always, gets in the way of relationship with Christ and with others. Then it is so hard to let go of it. I want to keep it in our box and not let go.

The Three Boxes
The conversation moved on to how Christ is working in our lives and what we would like God to be doing. Back to the “boxes”, we were trying to get God to fit in our box.

The short story is that are three types boxes. The first is one that we like to fit ourselves in and is totally closed. Christ comes along and we just want to hang out in our box with our stuff, whether tangible or not, and we do not want Him to get involved. The second box, we invite Christ in saying “we have made space in the corner here” or “there is a big spot right here in the center of our box for you to fit” (we have made space for Christ to fit in our box). The final box, we have given up our stuff, given up our walls and preconceived boundaries and walked away with Christ, from that box into a new and big world (life) and not limited by human boundaries.

We often try to limit our life and effectiveness by a box. We like to fill our box with stuff, some of it is good but some is just junk, further limiting our effectiveness. We need to get out of our boxes, leaving our stuff behind and walk with Christ to new opportunities and unimaginable adventures (that we had never thought possible because we were in our comfy box).

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  1. Great post, I almost forgot about that one. I also like the shape of the box once it is totally open.

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