Flash Back

Joyce and I were going through some emails from years past and came across many memories.  The following was sent out exactly ten years ago.  Boy, does time fly.  I sent this email out just weeks into our time in Swaziland and there was so much to learn and experience.

Today, I was out taking pictures and was working under a tree, when what should fall, but a SNAKE.  It was not any wimpy little snake, it was a a LARGE FAT CHUBBY one and kinda had brown and yellowing brown markings with maybe a hint of green in there.  I am sure it was about 3 YARDS LONG and maybe 5 INCHES IN DIAMETER.  Not only did it fall, but it FELL ON ME and knocked me over (those things are heavy).  It must have thought that I was some NICE SWEET MORSEL TO SWALLOW.  After a BIG STRUGGLE and it had WRAPPED itself AROUND ME 3 TIMES, I finally got it around its neck and struggling to get my swiss army knife I was able to SUBDUE IT.  While it was bewildered, I was able to CUT ITS HEAD OFF. Its body then kinda wiggled around like a CHICKEN WITH ITS HEAD CUT OFF. Well we survived that near encounter.  And the rest of the day went without any mishaps.  Just had the reflective power on the Continental 100 kW a little high and the alarms went off.  Luckily, it was before the broadcasts started.  I hope that your first day of the fourth month was just as fun as mine.

Memories are interesting.  Some I would love to relive others I would love to forget.

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