RSS Feeds and Mozilla Product

This is way cool! The blog software that is used here has RSS feed capabilities and can send out Blog articles and comments separately to your RSS reader. As for RSS readers, there are a ton out there but both Firefox and Thunderbird have an “Extension” called InfoRSS that will scroll the RSS feed along the bottom of the application window in the “Status Bar”. So within a few minutes of posting this article, the headline “RSS Feeds and Mozilla Product” will be scrolling across the bottom of my web browser and then placing the mouse on the title, a box will pop up with the first few lines of this article.

I know that RSS and similar have been around for a while but this intergration and the ease of use has me excited. Even have some stock scrolling and emergency information from my web host. You can do regular news and all sorts of other stuff.

Here is the link to InfoRSS for those that are interested:

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3 thoughts on “RSS Feeds and Mozilla Product”

  1. I am really interested. If you update you blog, it will automatically scroll at the bottom of my screen? If so that could be cool! I have to pay to get blogger to RSS.

  2. Yes it will. The RSS links are at the bottom of the page (you might have to remove the “feed:” part of the url to have it work in the software). I will also look for the review I found on blog software and see if I can post it.

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