Urgent – Why do I need a total “outfit” of new backpacking gear

To my few loyal readers:

A very important question has been posed to me: “Why do you need a total new set of backpacking equipment.”

Now I need your help to answer this question.  I think the final answer date is Friday (but I need to check).  My favorite equipment is probably around 15 years old so in need to get it replaced.

Any ideas are greatly appriciated.


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I am Allan and I live in the midwest.

5 thoughts on “Urgent – Why do I need a total “outfit” of new backpacking gear”

  1. According to Pictured Rocks Nat’l Park service part of “Leave no trace” is

    * Choose equipment and clothing in subdued colors.

    Trying to raise a family to enjoy the outdoors, need equipement light and easy to use so time is spent with family, not “boiling water”.

    Prove to others that outback backpacking IS for families with small children by having our children out and enjoying themselves.

    Hope these help!

  2. In this day and age of fat kids and fat parents, packpacking is a great choice over tv and video games. By putting the love of nature into your children, you will not only teach them about the world around them, but also teach them to be observant and caring of the world God has given them to live in. It teaches them to cope when they can’t switch on a light or flush the toilet or turn on a tap to get a drink. It teaches them to plan and to be inventive. It gives them an appreciation for a hot shower or bath. It also gives them an appreciation for a small flower, a waterfall, a pool to plan in, shade when it is hot, a beauitful sunset or sunrise and many other things they would not other wise see.

    It is cheaper than a hotel. It is more healthy. Usually more educational…And equipment can be used again and again. It is something everyone is involved in. It is great. Correct equipment makes this all the more fun.

  3. Thanks mom! I was hoping to enter an essay competition to get a whole new ‘outfit’ but missed the deadline thinking it was this coming weekend and not last weekend. Oh well, maybe I can write a grant for it or a plea letter to all my relatives.

  4. BTW, great comments for a website about family backpacking! I’ll have to find time to work on that.

  5. Do you mean your socks need to match you pack? Although if you are going to update for a reason update for ergonomic reasons. Better support and cubic space management, and they look cooler!

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