Quizzing Competition

Talk about being ready to burst. As the coach of four kindergarten to 2nd graders, I am extreamly pleased with their work in Bible Quizzing on Friday. Two of them, including my son, Mark, consistanly “quizzed out” – getting 5 questions right. And with only 20 questions in a quiz, that left only 10 for the other two team members and the competition to battle over.

Unfortuantely, if you answer three questions wrong, you have to sit out too and Mark, being a little over excited, did that once. However, the rest of the team held on.

The two new comers to the team are my anchors. They did such a great job holding on after the other two quizzed out. Now that they know how quizzing works, they are going to be even better.

To sum up the competition, our team won all four rounds and did it well, even encouraging the other teams as they competed.

To sum up life perspectives: the boys are learning God’s Word! They are hiding it in there hearts and making me look at myself and ask, “Should I be doing the same as they are, spending more time memorizing scripture and studying it?” Well, I better get to listening to those CDs especially the verses.

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