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I have started a new book just for fun and I suspect that my son Mark will be talking about it too.  It is one of those book for real men (or some would call them boys).  It is titled Backyard Ballistics by William Gurstelle.

Though the book is technical in nature focusing on how to build a bunch of cool stuff, the introduction has made me reflect on what I am doing as an engineer and has got me to thinking.

Here is one of the quotes:

The creative oart of being and engineer happens only in those moments when engineers lay their practiced, detached professionalism aside and behave like amateurs.  Invention, by its nature, lies outside the professional’s mind-set of established knowledge and moves into limited and reasoned risk taking.

Well, I have that opportunity finally, in my current job.  I now have a gas turbine (AKA jet engine) to play with!

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