Putin’s approach to Copyright

Russin President Putin has come up with a “novel” idea on enforcing copyright and other intellectual property.

At his news conference on 1 February, President Putin said investigators should “go after the distributors, not the users”.

“It’s ridiculous to just arrest a chap for using computers,” he said.

see last paragraphs of BBC article.

Hmm, if only our politicians got on the band wagon on this, I may feel a little safer ripping my personal CDs to my personal mp3 player. Unfortunately, I think the recording industry is paying to much to the politicians.

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One thought on “Putin’s approach to Copyright”

  1. At least they didn’t just shoot him outright, or charge him with purgery when they couldn’t catch the bloke who loaded the leak, errr software. It does seem a bit exsessive and overdone?

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